When Claire first saw Robert’s creative skills – and the first time he created their iconic design of ‘Flowers Under Water’ –  it was love at first sight! 

This is how it all began in 1999.


Robert Hornsby has climbed the floristry ladder, and from a driver delivering flowers (very often rearranging them in the back of the van), he has learnt his trade & become one of the most boldly creative florists in London today. 


Claire Garabedian comes from a fashion & design background with years of experience in managing people and resources. She’s definitely got an eye for colour, buys the best materials and is an exceptional driving force for In Water. 


The blend is just perfect, and Claire & Rob pull together an international team of super talented florists that embrace the visionary mission of designing extraordinary flower displays.


From the first iconic Flowers Under Water – therefore the name of the company – to the outstanding tree structures of today, In Water have been leading the way in innovative and eccentric floral design for over 17 years, and will continue to surprise and amaze their clientele for years to come.

We create flowers that inspire and make you want to smile, delivering a great client experience.

So remember… never stop dreaming, never go unnoticed!