InWater Flowers at The Chelsea Flower Show

The 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show marks the second year the iconic Bull Ring entrance gate, situated on the bank of the River Thames, has been commissioned for design.

Our Creative Director Robert Hornsby is the lead designer of the unconventional, original design named ‘Neoteric’, meaning fresh and new, representing the societies forward thinking approach to the show this year.

The design, sponsored by the RHS and inspired by the London skyline, sees five metre high soaring shards of 15,000 white, pink and purple ombre’d Colombian carnations leaning lazily on the pillars at the entrance gate to welcome visitors in.

This fresh, youthful design doesn’t stop at the arch - stepping into Chelsea you also come across two metal boxes lying broken on the floor, as if they have been dropped from a height, spilling out hundreds of overflowing cream, fuchsia and burgundy carnations that look as if they were supposed to be used for something else. This unfinished, contemporary look and feel that breaks Chelsea’s typical tradition will no doubt get spectators talking about this new youthful injection to the show, something In Water Flowers is encouraging!

This extraordinary design was installed with the help of 34 people, including 12 volunteers and a production team of eight over course of three days.